Tallia Sport Coat Black/Cream


Tallia is a big name in mens clothing, and if you don’t know their name now, you should get familiar. Tallia suits have probably crossed your path before if you read magazines, or if you watch CBS Football pregame shows, or if you watched the Grammys, etcetera… By now you can see that Tallia’s name holds some weight in the formal market, and for good reason. Offering clothing from formalwear to casual wear, Tallia products can fit the theme of any event. For “clothing with a less serious attitude” Tallia Orange really shines.

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Suit Size

36R, 38R, 40L, 40R, 42L, 42R, 44L, 44R, 46L, 46R, 48L, 48R, 50L, 50R, 52R


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