Lucciani Slim Fit Suit – LCN66


100% Italian Wool hand stitched, wide-leg, three piece suit by Tiglio Rosso

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Tiglio is known in the suit world for being high quality and high fashion. The main material they use is 100% hand crafted Italian wool. This gives the suit lightweight, silky-feel without sacrificing breathability. Tiglio offers many modern styles such as slim fit and modern fit suits under the name Tiglio Luxe. However, if you prefer the traditional wide leg suit, Tiglio Rosso has you covered.

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Navy, Black, Medium Grey, White, Light Grey, French Blue, Grey, Midnight Blue


34R, 38S, 42L, 44L, 40L, 34S, 36S, 42R, 46S, 50R, 52R, 46L, 40R, 36R, 38R, 40S, 44R, 42S, 38L


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